Have you come from a dysfunctional family? Do you keep attracting narcissists and other toxic individuals into your life?

Do you feel stuck, unhappy or unable to change your circumstances no matter how willing or hard you try? Do you feel unable to tap into your true potential?

Totally unbeknownst to most of us in these situations, but very real, our brain maybe playing a faulty program set up in childhood which is causing us to continue to fail in certain parts of our lives.

I can help you make sense of what really went on in your past up until now, why you keep attracting people who treat you badly, and why you feel so stuck in certain areas. I can assist you in finding ways to break those invisible ropes that seem to tie you down and keep you stuck in this life of pain and suffering.

Knowledge is always power.

I can help you understand how the brain works in order to change those faulty patterns so you can live the life you truly deserve. You can reach real happiness, and start attracting healthier more loving people into your life no matter what your age. It’s all truly your choice and I can help you to get there.

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