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For information on one on one personal consultations with Delaney Kay, “Daylight out of Darkness,” you have come to the right place.

Delaney’s style of coaching/consultation is compassionate, enlightening and empowering. Whether you just need to tell your story, would like advice on dealing with a narcissist/dysfunctional family, are looking for coaching along your healing journey, or a mix of the above you have come to the right place. Delaney will listen, help you better understand exactly what you have experienced, the possible implications this has had on your emotional well-being and can also provide step-by-step coaching in your healing process should you want this. Although one session with Delaney can be of great benefit, the cumulative power of multiple sessions is exponential in projecting your recovery forward.

Consultations/Coaching sessions are done via Skype phone/video (your choice), Google Hangouts (if you have a Gmail account), or can be via traditional telephone only if you are located in the United States. Sessions are one hour in length at the very affordable introductory rate now of $60 per session. Payments are made through Stripe with credit or debit cards worldwide. Payment is required at time of booking. Click the button below to view calendar in your time zone and book your appointment.

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