To all the narcissists I’ve loved before. Thank you! Your torture was a true blessing in disguise.

A torturous experience with a narcissist can be a huge blessing. It’s all up to you. You decide whether to lie down in the gutter and die, but if you decide to pick yourself up dust yourself off and keep going this can be an incredible journey, and a true gift to you. I know this for a fact because I have lived it.

Narcissists instinctually will try to take you down. By doing this they will get you to your core issues faster than anything else. Narcissists will force you to get your game together. In this case you truly do not have any other choice. The narcissist will hit all your emotional stuff and they will blast the cobwebs out from all parts of your psyche. They will turn your friends and family on you so you have no support. What happens in that situation? You face your darkest fears by yourself. What does that do? It makes you extremely strong. What exactly happens when you walk into the greatest fear you’ve ever had alone and then you walk through it? You know longer fear it any more and you also realize that you can face any fear by your self. How freeing is that? Another Epiphany will come at this point. Your greatest fear although not nice and painful was do-able. Do you actually realize how powerful and freeing that is? Most people live in a cage surrounded by their fear all their lives. You are free now. You can walk into your own fear and threw it. You may need to be brave but you can do it. You know that. This has also poked a hole in your beliefs as to what you can and can’t do.

Narcissists at their best can make you experience a “dark night of the soul,” which is not for the faint of heart, but is a profound blessing in disguise. What actually happens in a dark night of the soul is, under Extreme pressure your whole sense of what reality really is collapses. This is extremely frightening because you are left with almost nothing of your previous belief systems. However, when this comes about due to narcissistic abuse it is usually quite cathartic in the long run, as Your previous reality was most probably seriously corrupted due to the narcissistic abuse and possible Dysfunction in your childhood. From this place, you can choose to start Building almost from scratch a much healthier belief system and framework of reality, Minus The narcissists prier gaslighting, as their toxicity and pathological nature are now quite visible to most people.

furthermore, when you have that incredible epiphany that you have been brainwashed your whole life you will start to be able to see the brains patterns for what they are. Do you realize how powerful that is? What you can see you can change. Most people will go through their entire life just following the faulty programs set up from childhood, and never reaching their true full potential in many areas of their life.

Narcissistic abuse at a profound level is going to make you question everything, and it’s going to cause an awakening of consciousness in many people because the more you fight for your truth, the more you fight for yourself and the more you learn who you really are it will help you to find your authentic self/higher self. At this point you will be totally connected to your emotional body and therefore able to feel all your emotions including true overwhelming joy. You will then live a much fuller life. Also, instinctually knowing truth when you see it.

At the end of the day thank you very much to the narcissists. You’ve allowed me to drop my false self, see my ego and my pride for the destructive effects they have on my life. This is almost impossible for us to accomplish without experiencing the major trauma caused by a narcissist.

The narcissist is sent as a gift helping you along. They’ve made your reality so painful that you have no option but to take very difficult steps. Normally people would opt out of taking these steps. The narcissist will help you find the road to your ultimate joy and fulfillment should you be brave enough to continue along this journey.

As you follow this journey that has open to you, you will learn to see your own ego, previously blind to you while it messed up your life. Life’s challenges will be experienced without them affecting you. Care and control of your emotions will be possible without blocking them.  How you sabotage yourself will become known to you. Through conscious awakening I have learned to allow life to happen to me without taking me over and how to unblock and channel my internal energy, the most powerful energy at our disposal.

Thank you narcissist, for putting me on the road less traveled! Your gift of pain has made me search for something much better than I could’ve ever achieved without your help.

Sending you light and love.

Delaney Kay (Daylight out of Darkness)

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