Unintegrated Childhood Experiences are Still Creating Your Reality

Everything comes from within. All your answers are within. Your external circumstances are a reflection of your internal landscape. The outside is an allusion. You have full control. Everything that happens to you is a reflection of internal patterns. As you change your feelings and reactions inside, the outside changes.

As you integrate the uncomfortable emotions within, things start to change in your external reality.

Yes, you came into this world being programmed by vibrations caused in your external reality. Whether you chose those vibrations to come in to before birth or if there is some other reason why this is the case, I’m not sure, and I’m not going to speculate on that, as at the moment, that would only be speculation on my part.

These different vibrations caused major felt perceptions within your being during your early childhood. what we don’t realize is that the core essences of these felt perceptions are replayed on an ongoing basis throughout your life unless you become conscious of them and integrate the trauma surrounding them.

I believe the only way out of your pain is through it. I know that is a shocking revelation and goes against everything we’ve been told. The world, our own brains, our parents and everything else has been telling us to run away from our pain. Bypass it with self-medicating behaviors, block it out, and don’t think about it, but in the end, this only causes suffering.

What we have to do is to feel our pain in the here and now. “Here and now” are the poignant words. We have to feel our pain in the present in order to integrate it. Pain is part of life. It’s here because it’s meant to be here. We have to feel pain in order to be truly whole. When we run away from pain and stifle it with drugs and other addictive behaviors, we cause immense suffering, dysfunction and disease.

I believe there is a massive core pool of unintegrated emotions, traumas and experiences stemming back from childhood that have not been able to be integrated as the child, especially in the first seven years of life and possibly prior to birth, did not have a brain developed enough in order to integrate these experiences.

These vibrations from the above described experiences, traumas and emotions in childhood are still in the subconscious, and because they have been not integrated, they are festering, and what happens is that they keep leaking into our lives in order to bring it to our attention that they still need to be integrated.

Because we are totally blind to our felt perceptions, we see our experiences as coming from our external reality, but in fact, through different modalities, these unintegrated vibrations are tainting our perceptions and changing our external realities.

If we look at this from other angles, we can see how this might fit in. Psychologists are telling us that what we believe becomes our reality. From the quantum mechanics angle, such as what was proved in the 2-hole experiment, the observer changes the outcome and quantum mechanics tells us there is no matter. Everything is made of energy, and one thing impacts another. If you look at quantum entanglement, you can see this.

So, if we have these unintegrated vibrations from childhood still within us, it seems logical that these vibrations, especially if we had a very troubled childhood, could be causing pain and repeating the original vibrations in different situations on an ongoing basis in our lives.

I believe these circumstances and situations are repeating themselves in order to bring attention to this original unintegrated felt perception, and once we start to integrate these vibrations, our whole perception of life and reality will begin to change.

In the next part, I will discuss how to begin integrating these original core childhood felt perceptions in order to start changing your reality.

As always wishing you love, wisdom, and happiness on your healing journey.
Delaney Kay – Daylight out of Darkness

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