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About Me

Delaney Jessica Kay hosts a YouTube channel “Daylight out of Darkness” and is a life coach. She has devoted her time to research and helping people understand and heal from emotional damage as a result of dysfunctional families and psychological abuse. Not only does she understand the traits of such families and individuals, but she has gone to great lengths to find ways to heal from different types of emotional and psychological abuse.

“You can change your life.”

Delaney has made it her mission to help as many people as possible reconnect with their authentic selves, and start living the happy, fulfilling lives they were always meant to. She believes there are many people out there suffering greatly who have no idea why their lives are such a mess; and sadly, some of them will never find out what the real reasons for their suffering are, or how to heal themselves.

Delaney herself has been on an incredible journey. She was born into a highly dysfunctional family in Africa, in which, she was a disappointment and the scapegoat due to having dyslexia. She spent years struggling at school plus trying to win the family’s love and approval. No matter how good her intentions were, or how hard she tried. This all took a great toll on her self-esteem. Things then became worse when she unwittingly started to attract very dysfunctional romantic partners into her life. Delaney spent years trying to understand what was wrong. Always in an attempt to make things better. It took much pain and suffering but incredibly Delaney has managed to pull herself out of this very dark hole. Healing the extensive emotional damage caused from years of emotional abuse, she has put her life back together better and stronger than it ever was before. Delaney has now devoted her life to helping others with recovery, reconnecting with their authentic selves, reaching their own fulfillment and happiness.

All statements made on this website or during consultations and coaching sessions are expressions of the opinion of the coach, and should not be regarded as a diagnosis of any mental health disorder in any person. In coaching sessions and at any other time all decisions made by the client are the complete responsibility of the client. Consulting a mental health expert is always highly recommended prior to embarking on any course of action or diagnosis of self or any other individual. Reference’s made to personal situations may have been modified to make a certain set of general dynamics easier to understand and therefore more therapeutic to the desired audience and in no way constitutes as factual.