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About Me

Delaney Jessica Kay hosts a popular YouTube channel “Daylight out of Darkness”, and is a certified life coach.  She has devoted her time to research, and helping thousands of people understand and heal from emotional damage as a result of dysfunctional families and narcissistic abuse. Not only does she understand the traits and behaviors of such families and individuals in detail, but she has gone to great lengths to find ways to heal the brain and psyche from these, often times hidden but crippling, forms of emotional abuse.

“You can change your life.”

Delaney has made it her mission to help as many people as possible reconnect with their authentic selves, and start living the happy, fulfilling lives they were always meant to. She believes there are many people out there suffering greatly who have no idea why their lives are such a mess; and sadly, some of them will never find out what the real reasons are, why they are suffering so much, or how to heal themselves.

Delaney herself has been on an incredible journey. She was born into a narcissistically run family in Africa, in which, she was a disappointment and the scapegoat due to having dyslexia. She spent years attempting to win the family’s love and approval, while trying to work out why her life was such a mess, no matter how good her intentions were, or how hard she tried. Unable to comprehend the situation and full of self blame and shame, her self-esteem plummeted to extremely low levels. Things then became worse when she unwittingly married a covert narcissist even more abusive than her own father ever was. Delaney spent years trying to understand what was wrong with her life and her marriage, always in an attempt to make things better; unfortunately, things just went from bad to worse when Delaney finally realized the full magnitude of the situation she was in. Her narcissistic husband became even more pathological, and what she experienced at this time was nothing less than extreme trauma.

Incredibly Delaney has managed to pull herself out of this very dark hole. Healing the extensive emotional damage caused from years of psychological abuse, she has put her life back together better and stronger than it ever was before. Delaney has now devoted her life to helping others with recovery, reconnecting with their authentic selves, reaching their fulfillment, happiness, and the incredible lives they truly deserve.

“It’s never too late.”

“I can help.”

What other people are saying about Daylight out of Darkness – Delaney Kay

“Thank you so much for your videos and all the amazing work you are doing. I’m very grateful.  Truly I even pray for you. I have watched many videos and some people are very good also but no one has helped me as much as you. May God bless you. I’m going to go watch the videos you recommend in this one and try the neuroplasticity out. I’m the scapegoat in a family of 6 and recently managed to leave and I’m free but all alone, warding off panic attacks and suffering from learned helplessness; your video on that really helped me it immediately gave me hope.  Thank you.”

Sarah Barrow

“Your videos are nothing short of amazing.  You give me a lot of hope because I see how well you’ve recovered, and you survived through a very similar type of narcissism (full blown pathological, high powered executive with a lot of money).  It is extremely difficult because they play the parent/family card, and are very covert and smart with their abuse.  I love how you talk through each of the videos, and you keep going and power through any doubts. From my perspective, you have a great amount of knowledge and have obviously done a lot of research and learning.  I also love that you put effort into your wardrobe and appearance, and also make the videos very clear with good lighting.  You are exhibiting extreme bravery and will to survive and it is an inspiration for survivors like me.  Thank you, and I’m extremely happy to have found your channel.”


“Hi I am a therapist and an ACON and just want to say thansKs for not just talking about narcissists but about what you go through and your symptoms. Far too many sites about their behaviour not enough about the victims voice. I am also researching this topic for my PhD so have read and analysed thousands of sites and videos. Your vulnerability and truthfulness of your own pain is rare and special and people relate to it. Loved the NVS video.”

Hands Full of Hope Counselling

“Hi Daylight out of Darkness — After falling into another deep depression, I began re-watching many of your videos and it has restored my hope.  I just wanted to thank you for giving so much of yourself to help others.  It’s amazing what you’ve been able to piece together and I so appreciate the hard work you’ve put into explaining it all in a way that really can lead to healing.  I wish you all the best in this world!  Thank you!”

JJ Bench

“You are doing a great job of explaining very complex topics that very few people can grasp without your work here. I believe very very few therapists, mental health professionals have a working knowledge of it. I am a counselor and learned NOTHING of this in graduate school..except for the labels & brief descriptions of PD categories. Even with knowledge, unless you have experienced it, survived it, it is unfathomable to believe this UNDERWORLD that is all too common going on right in our midst . I think it is both knowledge and experience of having lived and then understood personality damage that will help others. Your videos are the true therapy that will heal people who will grasp what has happened to them and they will be validated, though shaken deeply to their core.

We need courts, legal systems educated…so much more to heal our world and ideally, these damaged persons themselves….the multi-generational impact is huge. Keep up your work…..it is a great comfort to see you do this.”

Roxy Dina

“You are an amazing person!!! Information you share here is incredibly helpful and rare to find. Thank you for sharing what you find useful in your recovery journey, it helps us a lot to understand more and heal from it. Thank you for all you do! I hope it all is going well with you Much love dear.”


“This is the best information/video in the world!!!!!!I am sick of talking about the narcissist.We all need to know this programming problem in our ourselves and change it to normal/healthy thinking and feeling!You are sooooooo wonderfully accurate. Thank you for being extremely brave and getting this information out to people.There are ways to heal. ..and we all need to access them. Wonderful friend now that you are in my heart and head.”

Johannah Patterson